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Our Services

Support for Family Group Decision Makingand Other Family Engagement Approaches

For those wanting to bring FGDM and/or other family engagement approaches to their communities, we provide support thorough program, practice, and policy implementation, co-design, readiness and needs assessment, training, and evaluation.  

Implementation Support

Our services first start with working with communities to design an implementation process that is grounded in the principles of implementation science. Our almost 30 years of experience has clearly demonstrated that when FGDM is implemented as an add-on practice, rather than a way of redesigning systems to position family leadership in decision-making, the values of the approach can be difficult to attain. In addition, sustaining this transformative system reform in inhospitable environments is precarious.

Our service array includes strategies that build a community’s capacity to implement, grow and sustain FGDM. This includes: in-person or virtual trainings, community forums or presentations, webinars, consultation, technical assistance, curriculum development on-the-job coaching that can occur either on-site or virtually. We offer continuing education units (CEUs) for many of our in-person trainings.

Implementation Planning

  • Co-design processes
  • Pre-implementation assessments
  • Securing staff and community support
  • Implementation science frameworks as a guide

Specialized Practice Development

  • Builds on fundamental knowledge/skills
  • Customized sessions on variety of needs/topics

Foundational Training

  • Fundamentals of family-involved decision making
  • Skills-building
  • Addressing power imbalances

Consultation, Coaching & Mentoring

  • Direct observation of coordinators, facilitators, and organization representatives 
  • Feedback and consultation to guide/enhance practice

Sustainability Planning

  • Consultation
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Train the Trainers
  • Ongoing learning opportunities to maintain fidelity

Program Evaluation/ Research

Answering challenging questions through:
  • Policy analyses
  • Qualitative analyses
  • Implementation studies
  • Outcome studies

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