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Family Group Decision Making

Welcome to the National Center on Family Group Decision Making and Other Family Meeting Models

Promoting the Rights ofFamily Groups to Make Decisions

Each year there are millions of children and youth who come to the attention of child welfare, juvenile justice, school counselors/social workers, health care providers and other public/private agencies. Traditionally, at best, many systems have worked only with the children and their current caregivers to resolve the concerns that brought them to the agency’s attention, and at worse, have excluded or marginalized the voices of caregivers, children and their extended family systems. Family group decision making (FGDM)—an innovative social reform championed worldwide since the early 1990s—challenges this paradigm and practice, resulting in an inclusive and participatory process that positions family groups to lead decisions about their own members. 

Core Elements of FGDM Processes

FGDM processes are carefully managed and crafted to ensure fidelity to the FGDM values and to ensure that those values drive practice. The following Six Core Elements are critical to supporting exemplary practice in FGDM: