Clinical Services

The Kempe Healthcare Core coordinates clinical services, including the integration of health care principles and activities, across the spectrum of all Kempe programs. 

We strive to bring a child and family health and wellbeing perspective to all work at the Center. We participate in the planning, administration, and implementation of a variety of health and behavioral health programs, including collaboration with the University Department of Psychiatry for behavioral health services. Our work involves outreach to community groups to address healthcare needs. We collaborate with colleagues on policy, legislative and advocacy issues relevant to healthcare services.

Our providers deliver a diverse array of health education needs spanning from medical education to community requests. Partnering with research experts and by cultivating clinician-researchers, we integrate research and evaluation into healthcare programs to ensure the best outcomes for our patient population. We are committed to delivering high quality care for all, promoting health equity and addressing healthcare disparities that are rooted in historical oppression and bias.  We seek to demonstrate empathy, compassion and humble expertise with every child and family that we serve. These core principles are the basis for our commitment to heal the trauma of injustice and maltreatment.


For Patients & Families

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For Professionals

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Source: Children’s Mercy – Kansas City
Published: January 18, 2023