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Evidence Based and Research Informed Approaches

The Kempe Center is the intermediary and implementor of a variety of evidence-based and research-informed programs and services.

As the intermediary, the Center assists other entities to administer programs at the local level. “Evidence-Based” programs and services have been rigorously researched and proven to yield consistent and replicable results that are found to have beneficial effects for program participants or clients. “Research-Informed Practices” are interventions that are based on the best-available evidence.

We have experts in the medical, research, training and education, advocacy and JEDI (Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion) fields available in evidence-based programs related to:

  • Preventing and treating child abuse and neglect
  • Family and child wellbeing
  • System transformation
  • Creating thriving communities wherein children are safe, and families flourish


Differential Response

Differential response (DR) is an alternative to traditional investigations in child welfare for accepted reports of abuse or neglect. It focuses on partnering with families to provide support and services that meet their needs, while dismissing the labels of perpetrator and victim and removing the determination or finding. If you are interested in implementing or evaluating differential response in your jurisdiction, please contact [email protected] for more information.  

Family Group Decision Making

Each year there are millions of children and youth who come to the attention of child welfare, juvenile justice, school counselors/social workers, health care providers and other public/private agencies. Traditionally, at best, many systems have worked only with the children and their current caregivers to resolve the concerns that brought them to the agency’s attention, and at worse, have excluded or marginalized the voices of caregivers, children and their extended family systems. Family group decision making (FGDM)—an innovative social reform championed worldwide since the early 1990s—challenges this paradigm and practice, resulting in an inclusive and participatory process that positions family groups to lead decisions about their own members. 

Fostering Healthy Futures®

Rocky Mountain Multisystemic Therapy®

The Rocky Mountain Multisystemic Therapy (MST) Network provides program development support for agencies interested in exploring and starting an MST team. We follow a comprehensive program development process to ensure that new MST teams are set up to succeed and meet all the requirements to become officially licensed to deliver MST. We carefully consider each agency’s goals, strengths and needs to engage in effective and personalized program development. If you are interested in learning more about bringing MST to your agency or organization, please email us at: [email protected]

SafeCare® Colorado

SafeCare® Colorado is a free, voluntary parent support program for parents and caregivers with children ages five and under who need extra support to keep their families safe and healthy. Parent support providers help build on parents’ existing skills in the areas of parent-child interactions, home safety and child health. For more information please contact: [email protected]

Trauma-Responsive Implementation and Practice

The Trauma-Responsive Implementation and Practice (TRIP) program is engaged in implementation, evaluation, and research in two areas of evidence-based practice: The TRIP program is involved in helping numerous agencies from the fields of child welfare, behavioral health, education, infant mental health and early education, juvenile and criminal justice, health care, and human services become more trauma responsive. TRIP’s approach to implementation of trauma-responsive practices is individualized to each agency but typically includes needs assessment, goal setting, training, clinical consultation, continuous improvement, and planning for sustainability. For further questions about TRIP, please contact Emily Stern: [email protected]