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ISPCAN Congress: Sweden 2024 Congress

In our evolving global landscape, with unfolding challenges spanning the COVID pandemic, climate crises, economic downturns, to the devastating impacts of armed conflict and war, our collective mission to champion the rights and safety of children becomes increasingly paramount. Our commitment is not just towards protection but shaping systems that are marked by equity, lived experience, and unwavering respect to ensure that every child thrives.

Emerging multidisciplinary and multi-agency models, such as children’s advocacy centers and Barnahus, offer promise and potential. Yet, it is critical to invite discussion of these initiatives with a discerning lens, emphasizing the paramount need for data-driven evaluation and quality improvement. Authentic inclusion of indigenous stakeholders and minority groups further enriches our discourse, championing a holistic, child-centric and trauma-informed approach. Moreover, promoting child and family participation and their voices remains our benchmark, emphasizing the imperative for developing integrated systems that are designed with and for them.

Whether you are at the nexus of on-ground child protection, or contributing transformative research, strategies or policies to enhance the prevention of child maltreatment, whether you live and work in a high or low-resourced community, your role is pivotal. Learn more at

Join us in Uppsala. Together, let’s craft an empowered future, where every child thrives in safety, dignity, and respect.

As scientific co-chairs for the congress, we look forward to welcoming you to Uppsala!

John Fluke and Gabriel Otterman

Scientific Chairs for Sweden 2024