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Kempe’s Statement on Israel and Palestine Conflict

The faculty and staff of the Kempe Center unconditionally condemn the intentional abuse and neglect of children, wherever they occur no matter by whom. The accounts of brutalities committed against children in Israel and the Gaza Strip in recent days are heart-wrenching. They violate not only international humanitarian law, human rights, and children’s rights—but every fundamental measure of human decency, compassion, and civilization. We at the Kempe Center, who have devoted our professional lives to the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect, condemn violence towards and the killing of children and call for humanitarian assistance—including food, water, and medical care—to be provided to all children in Gaza, Israel, and other associated conflict areas. Moreover, we remind everyone that intergenerational trauma is created anew with each act of brutality and urge the international community to lead peacemaking in earnest while supporting both Israeli and Palestinian children and families as they struggle to survive amidst unimaginable horrors. We offer our energies and expertise as needed to assist in all peaceful endeavors to end child abuse and neglect worldwide and extend our heartfelt compassion to everyone affected.