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Kempe’s Statement on ProPublica article

“In the past five months, two media articles have been published referring to a ‘Kempe protocol’ purportedly used for the evaluation of parent-child attachment in child welfare cases. The Kempe Center has no such protocol. Attorneys, journalists, and other professionals should not use the Kempe Center name in referring to any such protocol. While attachment theory and parent-child interaction assessments are valuable therapeutic frameworks, their use in isolation, particularly in non-therapeutic settings and without attention to bias, is not consistent with current best practices and can be misused by experts and attorneys alike. The Kempe Center does not currently provide parenting evaluations for court processes or endorse the above methods for that purpose.

As an academic organization, we are deeply committed to developing research-based and evidence informed practices and we continually strive to share the most recent knowledge across disciplines (social workers, law enforcement, healthcare providers and other professionals), in accordance with our core mission of preventing and treating maltreatment, enhancing the well-being of children and families, and fostering stronger communities. Equity is at the heart of our mission.” -Dr. Kathi Wells, Executive Director of the Kempe Center