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CARE Network

We work to advance knowledge that guides the child welfare field with the implementation of progressive initiatives such as foster care redesign, disparities research, family group decision making, and differential response within child protection systems.

Child Abuse Response & Evaluation (CARE) Network

All children who have experienced maltreatment deserve access to high quality medical evaluations and behavioral health screenings. Expertise in conducting medical evaluations and behavioral health screenings in suspected cases of child maltreatment is extremely limited. Increased access to proper evaluation, diagnosis and care will improve children’s physical and mental health and safety. The CARE Network was established in 2019 to increase capacity throughout the state by establishing a standardized and coordinated response to suspected cases of child maltreatment. You can join a designated network of providers around the state who are committed to providing quality care for children within their communities. We ensure support for network providers through education and training opportunities, mentorship, financial reimbursement and other resources. 

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