Together in Truth

Striving to catalyzeTransformative Change in our lifetimes

The Kempe Center and Pale Blue., two forces dedicated to societal transformation, have formed an unprecedented partnership and launched Together in Truth. Guided by a shared vision of truth, justice, and empowerment, we have embarked on a creative journey to reimagine the landscape of the U.S. child welfare system. Our collaboration has birthed a unique design process – an ‘un-framework’ that dismantles traditional boundaries and creates a fertile ground for truth-telling and action. This pioneering approach eschews rigid templates and guidelines, inviting open dialogue and organic change.

Together in Truth seeks to transform the child welfare/family policing system and the other ancillary systems that uphold it. We seek justice through truth-telling, beginning with convening communities of impacted persons, service providers, organizations and a broader collective to provide testimony and narratives about the impacts of the system on their lives and the lives of others. 

Read the Mother Jones article on the child welfare truth telling movement here.

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