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2024 Catalyst Webinar and Dialogue Series

Webinar Series

Starting in May 2024 and continuing through September 2024, during the early part of each month, the Call to Action Conference will hold a thought-provoking webinar to catalyze learning and build momentum for the October event.

Dialogue Series

Approximately two weeks after the live presentation of the webinar or the posting of the webinar on Kempe’s YouTube Channel, in the spirit of exploration and growth, we invite you to participate in a unique conversational experience. Here you can lean into the richness of your experiences and knowledge, which are often only shared within our own echo chambers. Profound insights often lie just beyond the boundaries of our comfort zones.

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The Sessions

To join one or more of these FREE webinars, you can register here. We look forward to learning with you and we hope you will join us October 7-10, 2024 for this year’s Call to Action conference.